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GSM Update 1/12/19 - Winter Storm Warning In 15 States - Snow Predicted In 44 States This Week

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It’s a mess: Biggest snowstorm in years brings up to 12 inches, closes major interstates Snow closes schools, snarls traffic 7 to 11 inches of snow possible in the 5 On Your Side viewing area Snow expected all day Saturday; south suburbs could see up to 7 inches Major snowstorm to snarl travel from St. Louis to Cincinnati this weekend GFS Model®ion=us&pkg=asnow&runtime=2018100818&fh=384 Weekend Winter Storm for Midwest to Mid-Atlantic; Wet Upcoming Week for California CANADIAN TOWN INUNDATED WITH STRANDED SEALS AFTER “WATERS SUDDENLY FROZE” EUROPE’S SHOCKING 10-DAY SNOWFALL TOTALS — GSM
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